CW: NSFW , Genitals are partly shown

My current practice, so far, is looking into queering the genitals. In both queer identities and within peculiarities. I like to embrace and emulate the feminine, masculine, and the androgyne, whilst also rejecting their constructs. Parodying, critiquing and emasculating. 

I perceive there to be a particularly poor political and artistic representations of the vulva form, with more often than not being the domination of the phallus, even within the queer art communities.

I became sick of the womb worship and the floral arrangements, and on the other end the violent gash/axe wound imagery. All edging (if not outright) misogynistic and/or transmisogynistic.

As a non-binary, vagina having person, I had previously seen my genitals as something to ignore. However politically with the lack of decent representation, I felt there was a necessity to confront my own genitalia. Warts and all (not literally don’t worry, not that it’s anyone’s concern). Obviously in tact, there shouldn’t be a need to be outright explicit and have them flounced in front of your face but there has been enough censorship. To protect myself and to simply not flaunt my genitals straight into your faces, I have instead taken a route towards abstraction. It deserves not to be hidden.

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