Tracing painful memories (Queer version)
I believe art is salvation.Sometimes we feel life is hard.But we can receive the sense of security,the echoes of your invocation and warmth from artwork.
My work centres around themes of emotion and memory, exploring personal and collective anxiety and trauma, aiming to draw between the personal and the universal. ‘Tracing painful memories’ is a work first presented as an installation with two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements; family photographs are covered by tracing paper and attached to the white wall by pins. The tracing paper fluttered in the wind when visitors walked around the work, creating a subtle and sensitive atmosphere. In this version, I use images of myself as a child, a teenager and a young adult to consider my non-binary gender identity. The work endeavours to create a void and a space where the viewer can explore the quintessence of the work in relation to their own emotions and experiences. Here the work can be experienced as meditative and therapeutic.