It feels like a yearly tradition these days, for the general news cycle to land on trans and nonbinary people as the ‘next big thing’. But who does that serve?

Sometimes we’re the next big thing because trendy magazines and art publications say so. Sometimes it’s because the Daily Telegraph has decided that we are on our way to erode the fabric of society. Often these two sentiments exist at the same time.

In collecting the art for this ‘exhibition’, I wanted to move away from this strange state of being simultaneously trendy, evil and insignificant. So, the focus is on us as artists (emerging artists specifically).

As far as I know, no Cis people have been directly involved in the making of this exhibition, so I hope I have created a small space in the corner of my website for us to emerge in peace. It’s no strings attached emergence here.

The work on show is a testament to the talent and variety of works amongst the contributors. We have all kinds of delicious visuals across a myriad of different disciplines. I couldn’t resist the maximalist approach, I chose to host as many images as I could. 

It’s an interesting state to be in, constantly approaching and emerging. But in my infinite optimism, when we take control of narratives and our own work, it is a state where we can continue to shine. 

Thank you for your attention, 

Will- domain owner and curator (my name is plastered everywhere, sorry about that) xx